The Institute for the Deaf in Warsaw is the first school for the Deaf established in Poland. It was founded by
Rev. Jakub Falkowski. The opening took part on 23rd October 1817. At first it was at Warsaw University area,
in Kazimierzowski Palace and between 1820-1827
at Wizytki Sisters' Home on Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street.
     As soon as on 26th April the foundations of its own seat was laid at Trzech Krzyzy Square on the land purchased with the funds received from Polish Kingdom Treasury and H. and E. Lubomirski, B. Sonenberg and his successors as well as S.Staszic and other donors. The construction of the institute was continued thanks to the donations collected all over the country. The building was finished in 1827.
     In 1842 a new school for the Blind was created at the Institute. From then the Institute had been called the Institute for the Deaf-Mute and Blind until 1962.
In 1919 the first nursery for the deaf children and in 1934 the first vocational school for the Deaf were established.
     For almost 200 years of the history of the Institute for the Deaf in Warsaw, the vicissitudes of its employees and students were tightly related to the history of Poland and Warsaw. During the annexation of Poland, despite of the fact that the headmaster Rev. Jozafat Szczygielski was sent to penal servitude, A.L.Apuchtinow did not succeed in russification. The young people opposed taking part in a school strike in 1905. In 1915 the retreating tzar's army evacuated some of the employees and students to the institute in Moscow, at the same time stealing and taking away the possessions and funds of the Institute.
      Between 1939-44 the employees and the students took part in the fights against the German occupant. They organised a squad fighting in the Warsaw Uprising. On 26th October 1944 the Germans set the Institute on fire but as soon as in February next year the headmaster Edward Zawadzki together with the employees and the children started to clear the ground of rubble. In August 1948 the rebuilding of the Institute was finished. The lessons started and since then they have been continued without any break.
      From the post-war history of the Institute two events should be mentioned. The first one was to name the Institute for the Deaf after Rev. Jakub Falkowski (in 1983), and the second to unveil the statue of Rev. Jakub Falkowski in front of the Institute in 185th anniversary of founding the Institute (in 2002). The statue was made by the deaf artists.

About Us

Welcome to The Institute for the Deaf in Warsaw the oldest school in Poland for the children and young people with hearing problems. The Institute was established on 23rd October 1817 thanks to the initiative of Rev. Jakub Falkowski.

The Institute provides:

Support services are provided by: Our teachers: The Institute for the Deaf in Warsaw is a place, where the conferences are organized by Polish Committee of Audiophonology and Faculty of Polish Studies of Warsaw University. Our ambition is to be the educational and cultural centre for the Deaf. The Institute provides Sign Language courses for the parents of deaf children.

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